I am a person for whom freedom, self-determination and the ability to decide for myself are above everything. At the same time, I am very communicative and love to work with new technologies. I am German by birth, but currently live in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

I would describe myself as a creative person who always wants to learn more and is driven by an insatiable thirst for discovery.

I have been developing software for more than 25 years and have gotten to know a wide variety of technologies and industries. I have never stood still and have always tried new things and improved myself.

I like to use approaches like Domain-Driven Design and currently often rely on technologies like NodeJS, MongoDB, Typescript, React, Vercel and AWS.

My Journey from The 90s to Today

I remember the 1990s very well. I was always developing at full speed, and the systems were somehow created. But they were also getting bigger, more complex, and more confusing. At some point, we felt we had to redo everything all over again. But because of the size and complexity, that was almost always virtually impossible. And if we did, we usually completely underestimated the issue.

I hate to admit it, but that's how it went on for many years. Real development processes were not established. Changes were made on demand. After the customer looked at it, they wanted it different. Those were tough times.

But then ... in 2007, I changed my perspective.

I read the book "Domain-Driven Design" by Eric Evans and I realized that you can't just kind of write code because then the same thing will happen over and over again. At some point it becomes so complex and confusing that any change is a risk. That was the moment when I started to work on software architecture.

Principles and methods quickly followed that improved the quality of the software immensely.

In 2007, nobody was talking about Microservices yet. At that time, it was still about structuring a monolith in such a way that it remained performant, maintainable, scalable, testable and clear. My focus as an architect back then was on establishing clean code and a layered architecture.

More and more, I also understood the principles of Domain-Driven Design better and better and brought them into discussions and the design of the applications.

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Rico Fritzsche

I love writing code and solving complex problems with modern technologies. My fascination and enthusiasm for new technologies is unbroken. I talk about it here.